Melt away aches and pains with this High-Tech, Far Infrared-Heated Pad!

  • Use it in Your Office...
  • Use it in Your CAR...
  • Use it As Often As You Need It!

TheraPad proves to be the easy to use miracle cure for eliminating back pain, sciatica and stimulating unbelievable comfort while sitting in your car or in your office chair.

Imagine Sitting in TotalComfort - Back Pain Free for Hours at a Time!
How the TheraPad Works:

The far infrared heat waves from the TheraPad gently warm all tissues, bones, and joints in the damaged area. In response to this increased warming, the body goes into a homeostatis response, which means it tried to maintain temperature. To do this, it expands blood vessels to get more blood flow to the area. This produces great benefits: More blood brings more nutrition.