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After 30 Minutes I Felt Like a New Person!
I wanted to write and thank you for creating such a fantastic sauna. I've been thoroughly enjoying mine since the first evening it was installed. Couldn't wait to get inside and give it a whirl. Within seconds I was completely relaxed and after 30 minutes I felt like a new person. Afterwards my skin always feels great and my cheeks are rosy. I must say I've tried other indoor saunas in the past but none are like the infrared. .

Rene M.

Our best investment!
Thank you -- just thought to let you know, we installed last night and it works EXCELLENT! The installation was so simple and easy. It only took about 45 minutes. We can't wait to try it out, and it heats so evenly and well. We love it. Thanks again.

Lonnie & Brad B.

It Worked!
I am thrilled with the LuxSauna!!! I feel refreshed and ready to exercise or stretch after being out of the sauna for 10 min. I am a satisfied customer. Will keep you posted as to the subtle and not so subtle changes that I experience over this next month of LuxSauna use. Thank You.

Barbie B.

I've been rebuilt!
I realized that my health had been stolen from me, and I am now taking it back! Thank you.

D. Boonse

Thanks LuxSauna, I'm pain free!
I've seen what arthritis can do to rob me of a normal life. I've felt the pain and stiffness that goes with it. After regular use of my LuxSauna infrared spa, I'm a healthier person! My range of motion is greatly improved and when I move my neck, it is pain free. Thanks for helping me to beat the odds.

C. Alcantaras

Not Just Any Sauna:

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